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Date From Hell - (Full Movie)

Date From Hell - (Full Movie)

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Can you believe that a gorgeous creature like Kelly - who looks a-fucking-MAZING in her red bikini - would eign to go out on a blind date? But she agreed, and lived to regret it. Who should show up but a doofus named tar. "I'm not going to the beach with a Hershey-highway butt-pirate faggot like YOU!" screams our special lady K. And to prove her point, she spends the next hour torturing this numbskull in the worst ways imaginable. As in: Slapping, punching, body-beating, foot-on-face action, and hand-over-mouth suffocation. But her specialty is high heel trampling. And when she's done poking those heels into his chest, she trundles him underfoot using her bare feet. She marches in place, then SLAMS her feet rapidly against her body. As all you true fetish fans know, Kelly has a particularly cruel approach to butt-suffocation, and her ass looks especially dangerous here. Then she wraps her legs around his neck in a figure four and chokes the air out of him! Time for more trample action…tar's a real stomp collector. Then she jumps on him from side to side, ultra-rapidly - talk about aerobics! The foot on face action is to die for (and tar nearly does just that), and NOBODY ever put this kind of enthusiasm into two-handed neck-wringing - it's fierce, brutal, and dangerous. She even grabs a cushion and uses it to body-slam him! Then she puts her fists together and uses all her strength to punch a hole in his ribs - this is no-holds-barred VIOLENCE, of a kind even WE have rarely seen. Kruel Kelly makes this a date that will live in infamy!