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A Time to Trample - (Full Movie)

A Time to Trample - (Full Movie)

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Bob, our most bizarre slave, plays a producer interviewing two beautiful new starlets: Marie and Rose. He can't promise them a job immediately, but he wants them to cement a "working relationship" - by giving him a blow job! "Put out or get the fuck outta here," bob explains. "Who do you think you are?" Rose shouts. Marie, who looks ravishing in her leather-ware, grabs his hair and pushes him down. "Hey, bitch, don't hurt me," bob snaps. That's it! Time for face-slapping, foot-kissing, face-stomping (Whew! They really dig their spike heels into his face!), face-slapping, ear-pulling, stomach-stomping, and total trample torture. ("Ooh! Ugh! Ooh!" quoth bob.) "You have no right to stand on the biggest producer in Hollywood," bob argues. "Die!" Marie counters as she stomps his crotch. The facesitting is brutal - it'll leave YOU gasping. Then it's time for BAREFOOT TRAMPLING from both girls, all over his face and body. "Eat the bottom of my foot!" orders Rose. "THAT is what you DESERVE!" Then the girls dig in for yet more TRAMPLING, HAIR-PULLING and FACE-SLAPPING. They want him to say he's sorry…but bob insists that "Producers don't apologize!" No, but they DO die…the girls will see to that. Marie eventually leaves Rose to do the job. What she really wants to do is direct…her spit, right into his face! (Hey, ALL of bob's movies contain wet work.) "There isn't much work for spitters in Hollywood," bob explains, but nothing can stop her from logghie-fying his ugly face. "Oooh!" bob groans. "Right in my eye!" She even drips the thick, green stuff right into his open mouth! You can call this production "Waterworld 2."