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Blue Jean Fart Facesitting - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

Blue Jean Fart Facesitting - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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Shay Sights and Phyllisha Anne (check out her fetishy outfit!) are a couple of gorgeous gal-pals with two things in common: Huge tits and a mutual love for eating beans. They've gobbled up all the beans for that weekend's camping trip, much to the annoyance of scoutmaster peter. He dares to insult them, calling them gluttons. How impudent: They get so pissed off, they tie him to a hard wooden table (using promises of kinky sex to fool him into cooperation). Once he's firmly in place, his face provides the perfect target for a facesitting frenzy. And since they've eaten all those beans, you know that this exercise in ass-phyxiation will focus on FARTING. These noisome bitches alternate between dizzying fart-work and other forms of smotheration - including unforgettable hand over mouth chokitude. (Shay has wicked rubber gloves, perfect for strangulation and nostril-stoppage.) She even aids Phyllisha when she uses her feet to suffocate poor peter. The facesitting continues apace, becoming ever more violent and vile - and SMELLY. (The farting just does not let up!) The girls smother him every which way known to woman -- using feet, hands, bush and butt. They even resort to KNEE smothering. Oh, and did we mention booby suffocation? The ultra-stacked Shay and Phyllisha give new meaning to the term "tough titty." "I'm going to pass out!" peter pleads. "GAS 'IM!" Shay snarls back. "I'm gonna fart on him while his nose is in my ass!" PHFFFFTTT!! You can tell that these farts are the real thing - hell, we had to have fans blowing in the studio for a week after we filmed this epic.