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Bound Boxed Smothered - (Full Movie)

Bound Boxed Smothered - (Full Movie)

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Doltish, lumpish male piggie tristin is an international spy, just like James Bond - except for three things: Tristin is fat, stupid, and incompetent. Unfortunately, he was captured by the enemy during his latest mission. Although securely chained, our stalwart spook refuses to crack under pressure. But he doesn't know what the word "pressure" really means. His interrogator is the lovely, voluptuous, trash-talkin' Nicole Sheridan (man, does this bitch have a mouth!) who quickly discerns tristin's weakness: He's afraid of SMOTHERING! Ah hah! Well, that just means he's ripe for treatment in the dreadful smother box. With his head completely secure, he simply cannot escape Nicole's horrendous approach to ass-suffocation. Fans of twat-chokitude should take special note of this video: The up-close-and-detailed studies of Nicole applying panty-clad smotheration are truly astonishing. "It's kind of amusing, watching you turn the same shade as my panties!" she wickedly cackles. "Stop squirming or we'll stick the cattle prod up your ass again!" The H.O.M. (hand over mouth) choking isn't going to make him talk - but only because he can't speak with his mouth shut. Still, this kind of torment must take its toll. The naked breast smothering is truly awe-inspiring: Nicole has a real (well, sort of real) pair, and she knows how to use them. God DAMN, but they are perfect! SHE is perfect! Believe me, you'd consider it an honor to sell your house to pay for a domination session from a Mega-Bitch like this. "I'm going to use your head as my toilet bowel," she threatens as she SLAMS her butt down on his noggin.