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Nasty Nude Facesitting - (Full Movie)

Nasty Nude Facesitting - (Full Movie)

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Prepare yourself for a splendid example of cinematic excellence - an uplifting, noble and inspiring examination of the growing phenomenon we call Nasty Nude Facesitting. The title says it all! This is the video in which she spreads out her arms and legs; her FULL WEIGHT is focused on that plucked pussy, placed on his face. The set-up could not be simpler: Phyllisha Anne is a hot, svelte big-titted beaut wearing a plaid little-girl skirt. Bob is, well, bob - the most disgusting little perv in fetish video history. He does NOT like the fishy smell of pussy. So you know what he is in for! Phyllisha ties him to the smother throne, keeping his head firmly in its vulnerable place. "What's the deal with this thing?" he cries. "Let me go!" When she plants her delectable ass right on his face, he screams: "You're smelly! Did you just take a shit? Please - go take a shower." "Shut up," she explains, as she inflicts horrifying hand-over-mouth smother torment, followed by truly nasty face-slapping. ("You seeing stars yet?" she asks. "I'm seeing galaxies!" bob replies.) After she strips off her skirt, she plops that twat right onto his nostrils, completely stopping up his breathing apparatus. And how about that breast-smothering? (Those boobies are PERFECT - and lethal!) When bob struggles to get away, she orders "Stay!" - as though he were a dog. "I'm getting titty-whipped!" bob complains. Finally, she completely strips off and plants a shaven, dripping-with-juiciness twat directly over his tonsils. Other guys might thank their lucky stars, but bob HATES it. Too bad - this is how he's going to die, if Mistress Phyllisha wants to take him out this way.