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Superbowl of Smother - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

Superbowl of Smother - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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Tanya Daniel - who can boast of a beautiful, built bod - wants to get into the WWF so badly, she's paid tons of money to a trainer named peter. At the end of the training session, once he has deposited the cash, peter tells her that house has no talent. Oh YEAH? She decides to show him her true abilities at inflicting pain. Boy, does she put the moves on him! We're talking about squishing his pointy little noggin between her mighty thighs, followed by some nasty ass-smothering. "I'm going to sit on your face a long fucking time until you re-group your thoughts, you worthless piece of fucking shit!" Ah, and check out the way she inflicts nostril-pinching and hand-over-mouth suffocation. "Hey, do I see a vein popping out there?" she says. Peter can only gurgle incomprehensibly as his life passes before him. There's no escaping hard-body Tanya's cruel twat-suffocation. "Maybe you should die like this. Nobody will ever know what killed you. Are you trying to breathe? Well, you're not going to succeed!" Every time peter dares to offer a wisecrack, Tanya keeps him "breathless" for a longer period, using her twat. "You'll stop squirming and lose consciousness," she warns. "And when you wake up - I'll do it some more!" When he does wake up, his attitude has changed - "Shit!" he gasps, "I almost fucking died!" "Almost" isn't good enough for Tanya, who SQUEEZES those super-powerful thighs around his skull - you'll see his head turn beet red. "I want you to feel like you're buried alive beneath a mountain of ass!" she spits. And her breast-smothering is just as mean-spirited - but if you gotta die, THAT's the way to go.