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Come Out and Play ROUGH - (Full Movie)

Come Out and Play ROUGH - (Full Movie)

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The beautiful busty I.B.N. veteran Brittany Andrews in one of her greatest roles. Brittany brutalizes the helpless Damion. After he refuses to be Britt's sex puppet (how can he refuse her?). She quickly resorts to harsh trampling from head to toe. His insolence towards her demands leads her to placing Damion in the cage and forces him to worship her shapely ass. All the while Damion is bound and then gagged with tape and blindfolded with stockings. She then tortures him by trampling then whipping his naked body. She performs unusual C&B by binding his balls with rope and then enforcing air depriving nude face sitting. Brittany oozes sexuality whether standing on Damion's head or burying his head in her tremendous tits. This video has everything foot and ass worship, c & b, punching, kicking and extended double foot head trampling, At the end of the movie Brittany applies leg scissors over his throat and demands him back in to the cage for more obedience training. NOTE: This is the first time we have ever been able to catch on video a girl standing full-weight on a slave's head while the slave is looking straight up from the floor and the girl's feet are flat on his face without the head being turned to one side!!