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A Present For Mistress - (Full Movie)

A Present For Mistress - (Full Movie)

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Genius first shot: We open with a close-up of the divine Taylor's tit. Zoom out to find Taylor and Starr in bed together. Starr's back from a lousy date ("He had NO sense of perversion!"), so they decide to use their toy (bart), whom they keep strapped and hooded in the closet. Taylor sits on his face and tweaks his nips while Starr slaps his body. Then it's time to squish his neck with wrestling moves, and stomp his tummy. As for Starr…well, all fetish fans KNOW how much she loves facesitting - forward, reverse, and damn near lethal. "You sound like you're a little muffled there, toy!" The girls team up for some double-wrestling moves, then they make the tightly-bound plaything suck those heels. Then Taylor goes in for the facesitting - lethal, but sweet. Then they tape headphones to his immobile head, and force him to listen to the most horrifying aural torture they can conceive. Fans of gorgeous Mistresses, head-scissors, figure-fours, and fabulous facesitting (and even…stuffed animal humiliation!) will LOVE this literally breathtaking epic.