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Bring It On - (Full Movie)

Bring It On - (Full Movie)

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No, this isn't that wimpy-ass flick with Kirsten what's-her-name - this one is the REAL thing. Two ultra-cruvy blondes - Samantha Sterlyng and Goldie, in cute cheerleader-style outfits - expected a day out in the lake, but their boyfriend can't the damn thing out of the garage. So they decide to pummel him into the next world. Their preferred method of punishment: Trampling. Samantha crushes his head between her legs, followed by Goldie, who subjects him to a lovely bout of boob smothering. "Just imagine that you can breathe," Samantha suggests as her partner shoves pete's nose way up her ass. The HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation is slow and cruel, as Goldie carefully pinches his nostrils and covers his mouth. You'll love the close up shots of Goldie grabbing his throat, forcing his head into Samantha's twat. "Don't touch me while I suffocate you!" Samantha orders. With his head locked in place, there is no way he can escape their cruel chokitude. There's an amazing shot of the girls sitting face to face, Goldie on Samantha's lap, as Sam sits atop his mouth - he supports the weight of both bitches with his face. Sam SMACKS her ass against his face. "I'm going to choke you," she explains as she wraps her fingers around his neck. Then they attempt four-foot BAREFOOT suffocation. They remove their uniforms, and humiliate him by forcing him to wear their skirts whiel hey subject him to ever longer facesitting sessions. These topless girls look amazing as they subject him to every means of air-deprivation. Then it's time for more double-bitch girl-on-girl-on-subby-boy facesitting torture.