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Sleepless in Smother - (Full Movie)

Sleepless in Smother - (Full Movie)

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Ah that delectable, deadly Mistress Star. She's like a cat who captures a mouse, then plays with the poor, wounded creature - for long, torturous hours - before finally putting the thing out of its misery. This night, the divine she (dressed in a wisp of midnight blue velvet, along with scarlet red stilettos) has dragged into her dungeon the unfortunate chris tool. (Or perhaps we should say fortunate? Depends on your point of view...) Wearing pantyhose over her silken panties, she wraps her mighty thighs around his sad noggin, which she humiliatingly keeps covered in a soiled pair of panties and pantyhose. In a flash of brilliancy, Star creates a gag bit using the legs of the pantyhose wrapped around his head. To complete chris' ensemble, he wears 10 bands of duct tape binding his arms to his side and legs together. We have no idea how chris managed to survive this one, because she keeps his head down for a long, LONG time. "Don't panic. You have to trust me," she coos during a long, long session of chokitude. Finally, after an agonizing wait, she lets him back up for air. What a rush! When you hear chris gasp, you'll know he came close to shaking hands with the reaper. But Star won't let up: Her almighty twat and incomparable ass repeatedly lower down for the KILL, robbing his lungs of the tiniest morsel of oxygen. Even more cruel is the way she constricts his headspace between the most powerful thigh muscles you may ever see in a fetish video. She wants his brains to spew out of the top of his skull!