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Smother Girls - (Full Movie)

Smother Girls - (Full Movie)

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The gorgeous, ultra-shapely Jewell is stressed business woman -- the CEO of a new software company -- who feels sorely in need of a massage. She seeks therapy from the sexy Nicole Sheridan, who warns her that this clinic specializes in "unusual techniques involving oxygen." Uh oh -- you can guess what that means! "I want you to relax. Don't fight it," says Nicole as she clamps her hands over Jewell's mouth and nose. She deprives her client/victim of precious air for what seems like nearly a minute...and when she lets up, Jewell GASPS anxiously. Jewell is ready to bolt, but Nicole holds her in place with fierce hand-over-mouth suffocation. The Massaging Mistress strips off her top then applies then kind of chokitude that nearly puts poor lady J out cold! The breast suffocation is just as gnarly. But the real surprise is the ass-suffocation -- WOW! This is some of the best girl/girl suffocation action we've ever committed to tape. "This is really strange," notes Jewell. "Are you certified?" Hey, Nicole's more than that...she's certifiable! "When you wake up after you pass out," Nicole notes, "you'll feel like all your troubles have melted away. Her patient nevertheless squirms and struggles to get away -- to no avail -- until she finally loses consciousness. But she still feels tense upon awakening. "Maybe you'll feel more comfortable if you take your dress off," suggests Nicole. "Let the energy pass between us." "That makes sense!" Jewell answers. The result: Gorgeous nekkid girls (note that Jewell is nicely shaved!) indulging in luscious HOM-work, titty-choking, facesitting, ass smothering, FULL NUDE !!