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58 Minutes Later - (Full Movie)

58 Minutes Later - (Full Movie)

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Sabrina (wearing pink vinyl) and Malitia are having a couple of girls over soon (and considering the fact that they are dressed in flimsy lingerie, we can only guess what sort of activity these girls will be up to), but they have a problem: Their houseboy alix refuses to move his ass. He's got a game to watch on TV. Well, the girls have a game of their own: It's called jump on the chump! See, they dig dishing out pain, and they are especially fond of combining ass-suffocation and foot-stompin' trample action. "Your head makes for a nice headrest," notes Sabrina. Malitia plants her butt cheeks right on top of his face, shoving his nostrils WAY up there. It turns into a delicious double facesit, both girls doing their best to make sure he loses all air. You'll love the way his face disappears up Malitia's ass while she bangs the top of his cranium (and she really does get quite a satisfactory hollow sound!), all while her partner stands atop his chest. They make him eat floor, as Sabrina gets him into a thigh lock. There's even girl-on-top-of-girl face sitting, followed by lots of delectable foot-in-face activity. Sabrina loves to slap his bare torso - all the little red marks show, especially when she attacks his nipples. Lots more slapitude follows, combined with the sort of facesitting that would kill most men. Then the girls discover that their victim is extremely ticklish…So they attack his feet while stomping his head. This is tickle-torture of the sole at its nastiest! And you'll love the full-weight double-bitch stompage, followed by delicious tittie smotherage and fully nude naked whisker-biscuit twat choking.