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Better Off Smothered - (Full Movie)

Better Off Smothered - (Full Movie)

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This isn't what you'd call a film that is weighty with story. Basically, this is the tale of a voluptuous British bitch named Goldie who likes to make men die. How? By smothering forcing her red panty-clad twat directly onto their faces and NEVER LETTING UP. "Stop Squirming!" she orders today's victim, a miserable slave named tristin. "You're only making it worse." Her thighs are ultra powerful -- you can really see her leg muscles strain as she forces that twattage directly into his noggin. His nose disappears into the nether regions. The all-natural nekkid breast suffocation will entrance you -- again, the sheer PRESSURE is the part that will eave you astonished. (If you like un-enhanced racks, this bitch sets the goldie standard.) "Die quietly!' she commands as she wriggles her ass into his face. The compression factor never lets up. When she finally allows him a gasp of air, he gets only the barest sip -- just a touch -- before she hunkers down for more butt-chokitude. His face turns red, especially when she smashes it in with her bare feet. Be prepared to see hard-core foot smothering! But the real cruelty begins when she imposes HAND smothering. Goldie then removes her panties, and subjects him to Full Nude Facesitting. "You don't get to eat this one," she explains. "This pussy is meant to KILL you." What an amazing talent for full-nude, full-body suffocation this mean Mistress possesses: His entire face seems to be enveloped by her labia lips. You'll love her cruel smile as she full-nude facesits him while his head is trapped within the smother throne.