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A Beautiful Ass - (Full Movie)

A Beautiful Ass - (Full Movie)

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The hottest girl-girl action imaginable! Gorgeous, curvy, luscious Francesca will do ANYTHING to please naked gal-pal Jewell…and that includes twat suffocation galore. Just look at the way Jewell's nose disappears up that closely-shaved beave. "Want me to be more forceful?" Fran asks. "I'll stay there for a LONG time." She grabs Jewell's hair and SHOVES her head deep into her cunt. When the subby girl finally gets a rush of air, she gasps for dear life - only to be shoved right back where she belongs. Fran holds her victim/lover's arms while she struggles. "I don't know anyone who can hold her breath as long as you," the amazed top-girl claims. "Every time we do it, you do it for longer!" Watch Jewell writhe and shake her legs like a dog getting her tummy rubbed. You can tell that she really has come close to blacking out. Then comes the boob smothering - one naked bitch using her awesome cleavage to choke another. Jewell says "I'm done! No more!" but now Fran is really getting into it. Nothing can stop her. She climbs atop her girlfriend and subjects her to long, long sessions of tit and ass suffocation. Jewell cries, grabs her oppressors ass, struggles with all her might - but there is no way she can get one more sip of precious air. "Take in some air…get some deep breaths…" Fran cajoles as her labia wrap around her sub's nostrils. What utterly cool HOM (hand over mouth) chokitude! Jewell's pretty eyes nearly roll up into the back of her head. When she finally is allowed a little air, she coughs and sputters and gags. The hand-over-mouth choke approach is combined with sensuous licking and kissing.