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Call For Help - (Full Movie)

Call For Help - (Full Movie)

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The amazing, curvaceous, expeditious Taylor St. Clair and her popular partner in torment, Star Chandler (who looks splendid in that lacey little thingie she is wearing) have come up with a plan to punish the screenwriter of their latest video. (This is a film about its own making…) They lock him into the dreaded smother chair. With his head in place, face up, he is the perfect victim for Taylor's approach to booby suffocation. Just listen to the way he gasps! Her massive all natural cleavage doesn't allow him to get even a single unwarranted gasp. The hand over mouth suffocation is even nastier - you can see her muscles strain as she puts real effort into her work. Starr for her part loves to sit atop her slave's face and inflict death-defying butt suffocation. It's as though his head disappears between her cheeks. There's no escape! They force him to keep his hands in his trousers a la Al Bundy as Star lightly stomps his cock while Taylor applies even more ferocious breast smothering. "Your mouth better not open," Taylor orders as she sits atop his face. "I do NOT want you breathing." I love the way her panties look scrunched into his nose and mouth. The HOM (hand over mouth) chokitude is very chic and appealing, and damn near deadly, especially when Starr pinches his lips shut. Taylor slaps his face, then applies some more. Can these girls combine HOM with titty choking? Watch 'em try! They release him, eventually, from the smother chair, but they do NOT release him from his torment. Lots more bosom bludgeoning! Take it from an expert, folks: In the fetish video biz, the writer ALWAYS gets screwed.