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Blonde and Breathless - (Full Movie)

Blonde and Breathless - (Full Movie)

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Cute, curvy Zora -- a major Hungarian beauty (imagine a long-haired version of Eva Gabor in her absolute prime) -- needs to find a husband fast in order to secure her American citizenship. She has her eye on Brandon, Tanya Danielle's boyfriend. "It's not going to work!" the enraged Tanya (barely dressed in a leopard-print bikini-style thingy) screams. She ties her former gal-pal to the table and subjects her to some of the most horrifying girl-girl torment ever to scorch your VCR. "What if I kill you?" Tanya suggests. "Brandon can't marry a corpse, can he? I'm going to fucking choke you with my pussy lips!" She sits atop Zora's beauteous face, hoping to twat-choke her way to vengeance. Then Tanya inflicts breast-suffocation, a form of torture for which both nature and science have well equipped her. "How about if I sit on your face with my ass?" Tanya asks. "That's it! Stick your nose up my ass! You're going to die!" When Tanya climbs aboard her victim and starts (wo)manhandling Zora's stupendous natural titties -- well, it's a real turn-on, to say the least, especially when Zora whines and whimpers for mercy. And check out the perfect close-ups during the ass-smothering scenes. The HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation scenes are particularly sensual and dangerous. "You're going to die," Tanya explains. "Brandon's not here to save you. It's going to get worse...way fucking worse." Mmmm...just look at the way Zora writhes during the FULL NUDE facesitting suffocation assaults! Just look at the way Zora's radiant face seems to disappear up Tanya's open-for-business birth canal.