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Dirty Foot Party - (Full Movie)

Dirty Foot Party - (Full Movie)

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Two knock-out fetish babes - Elizabeth and oriental hottie Cumisha - have shown up for a job interview. The interviewer, bob (EEW! Who would want to work for him?) insists on one quirky point: Anyone in the building cannot wear shoes. "We are a very clean-feet conscious company," Bob explains. The girls walk outside briefly, but refuse to clean their feet when they re-enter. Bob complians, but they don't like his 'tude. He wants clean feet? Fine! They'll force HIM to do the cleaning - by licking their toes. "Ugh!" says Bob. "They're filthy!" "So what?" Cumisha answers. "Lick it clean." The task so revolts him he starts crying. When he tries to escape, they kick him back into total submission, as they shove toesies down his throat. Cumisha grabs his hair and forces him to tongue-launder her partner's toes, while she rides him like a cow-girl. "Lick underneath, too!" she commands. "That's the really dirty part. You know you like it..." You'll see extreme close ups of the tongue snaking between each and ever toe. Whenever he shows even a hint of rebellion, the girls jump on him. "All right, I'll hire you!" bob gamely offers. But his paltry minimum wage offer insults the girls, s they combine foot-licking with ass-swatting to improve his outlook. Then comes the barefoot TRAMPLING - hey, what else are newly-cleaned feet for? These two bitches know how to get the job done!