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Smackdown - (Full Movie)

Smackdown - (Full Movie)

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Alix is a filthy little perv who likes to steal panties and wear them. Coral Sands and Diana Knight catch him in the act (he stole their special panties, of course!) and fly into a furious rage. First, they decide to humiliate him: "Do a little dance for us!" screams Coral. Then they force him to the ground and SLAM their fists into his abs and buttocks. Listen to that slapping and pounding - these girls are NOT holding back. They hit him with full force! And they like to trample him too - smashing him beneath their ultra-high heel boots while kneeing his gut and punching his lights out. Man, even WE can barely watch the scene in which Coral uses her thighs to wring his neck while Diana power-punches his ribs. They jump on him, kick him, stand on him, dance on him, driving their heels HARD into his nipples and throat. Look at the marks! These bitches are literally hungry for blood! ("Yummy!" says Diana after she licks some up.) What a beating! He groans and screams and cries for mercy - but there is no let-up. No joking - this video is all about ULTRA-VIOLENCE! Full-force barefoot stomping abounds - the girls synchronize their attacks. And they punching - my GOD, but the way they wail on this poor bastard will make you cringe. The humiliation is almost as bad - they make him prance and dance in those panties, grabbing his balls and tweaking his nipples. This is followed by a bout with the leash, as they force him to be their dog (and eventually their pony). His reward? A cannonade of full-power socks to the torso. You'll see head and face-slapping, choking between thighs, butt-kicking, boot-kissing, choking and more!!