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Blue Jean Blackout - (Full Movie)

Blue Jean Blackout - (Full Movie)

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Channone is a lithe and luscious French maid, and she just loves to use her slender hard-body to inflict major damage on her pathetic male slaves. Tonight, she has a special brand of torment in store for her slave tirstin - an unlucky soul shackled into her dreaded smother throne. With his locked firmly in place, there is just no way he can escape the fearsome twat pressure she exerts directly onto his nose and mouth. Just count the seconds - the minutes - that pass between breaths. It's a wonder slave tristin even survives. When she digs those denim-clad pants into his mouth, you'll literally gasp. And check out the sensual, slow way this French "sadiste" applies le HOM - as in Hand Over Mouth suffocation. "I need to sit down," Mme. C explains. You know what that means: ASS SMOTHERING. Get a load of that French-ified facesitting! Check out that washboard stomach as she presses her weight onto his noggin. (Those may be the best abs we've ever seen on any woman.) Her mighty thighs SMASH his nose flat. And her breast smothering practically sends him into a new time zone. (Good name for a novel: "Assailed by Two Titties.") Her final flurry of HOM-work causes her victim to pass out - for real! You too will b e knocked into zee blackness just watching this nasty witch do her worst.