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I Step on Your Face - (Full Movie)

I Step on Your Face - (Full Movie)

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This is the ultimate head-stompin' epic! The incomparable Taylor and cutie-pie Kaitlynn have ordered slave tramplee to clean their room. But that lout has dared to "disrespect" a broom belonging to Kaitlynn's grandmother. (Okay, it's not much of a story - but what matters is the ACTION!) The girls sweep dirt on to his face, and tell him to lick it up. Taylor kicks his head as though she were trying to send it flying past a soccer goalie. You'll love the way these girls double-trample him: First Taylor chokes his neck with her feet, then she plants herself RIGHT ON HIS FACE - both feet, full weight, as he lies face-up! Then Kaitlynn climbs aboard for even crueler foot-on-face treatment, while beautiful Taylor repeatedly drops on his torso. His face takes an AMAZING battering in this video - they step on him, bounce on him, jump on him, shove their toes into his mouth (two feet at a time!) and literally KICK HIS FACE IN! "Suck on my foot!" Taylor orders. "Suck HARDER!" You won't believe how much he can shove into his mouth. They take turns leaping onto his body, as the other girl uses her toes to blind him and clip his nose shut. No other slave has ever taken this kind of two-girl, full-body trample torture. These insane Fem-Doms kick and pummel and pounce, driven by lust for agony and blood. Taylor beats him with the broom so harshly the thing literally falls apart - and then they yank his hair as they make him lick up the scattered straws. Then they make him eat those straws, even the ones they've shoved up his nose. These Doms must be crazy!