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Almost Breathless - (Full Movie)

Almost Breathless - (Full Movie)

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As we begin, the gorgeous, massively titted subbie girl, Kianna (the one in jeans), is lying on the table, tied down securely. Her fierce, dominating roommate Tanya Danielle -- a voluptuous bitch in a tight dress who has never looked so scrumptious -- has decided to cure Kianna of her thieving ways. How? By SUFFOCATION TORTURE! "Try to breath with my sweaty pussy in your face, you slutty whore!" Tanya sweetly suggests. "You like the smell of my cunt?" I don't think I've ever seen a mad Mistress inflict this sort of hand over mouth torment. "Now that I have you tied up," Tanya Danielle suggests, "maybe I can pimp you out and earn some money. Those guys next door can pull a train on you..." Kianna barely hears the suggestion -- she is near to passing out. "Stick your tongue up my cunt! Oh, you sound so tortured. Doesn't matter if you keep trying to breathe -- I'm not gonna let you...!" Tanya smashes the sides of her victim's head with her thighs. And talk about breast suffocation...damn, but this shit is hot! Kianna's head nearly disappears up that voluptuous ass. "Lie there and take it," commands Tanya. "You aren't going to get away! Let me get my ass right on your face...keep struggling! That's what I like!" Sadism is hot work, so Tanya strips down, using her top to gag her little slave girl. What totally amazing tit suffocation! "Good thing they're so big," Tanya notes. "All the better to cut off your air! Once you fade into unconsciousness, I'll bring the boys over..." Ah, but that won't happen until Tanya submits her disobedient servant to FULL NUDE FACESITTING...her shaved twat is a lethal weapon!