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A Lesson for the Landlord - (Full Movie)

A Lesson for the Landlord - (Full Movie)

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Walter the landlord uses his passkey to just walk in to Mistress Tori Sinclair’s apartment to have a talk with her about complaints of noise from the other tenants. He finds her decked out in tight leather pants, black high heeled boots and a sexy black vinyl halter top that barely holds in her perky double "D" breasts. She is quite angry that he just walked into her apartment and quickly ties him down for a lesson. The action gets started immediately, beginning with a whipping/cropping/strapping scene that rivals just about any S & M action we have ever produced. This is interspersed with some high heel trampling from her sexy boots and there are some nice pokes to his chest and neck with her heels. Good well lit camera close-ups catch the action at its finest. With constant verbal degradation throughout, the action turns to forward and reverse facesitting/smothering, face slapping, pantyhose pulled over his head, knees to the neck, more high heel trampling with close-ups and more heavy pressure facesitting…forward, reverse and side-saddle!! The second half finds Mistress Tori in a little black skirt, fishnet stockings, high heel pumps and a see-through lacy top where her breasts eventually come out in their full glory!! There is more high heel trampling and an abundance of trampling with stocking feet…jumping, bouncing and full-weight pressure to his face, neck and chest. More smothering facesitting is mixed in with trampling until she finally goes and gets chairs to jump from and land "splat" on his withering body. In fact, she goes "splat" on him almost ten times!!!