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A Panty Sniffers Pounding - (Full Movie)

A Panty Sniffers Pounding - (Full Movie)

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Apartment manager peter has been stalking tenants Tanya Daniel and Amber Michaels, breaking into their pad and stealing their panties to sniff at his leisure. Peter, peter -- panty eater! Well, when these ladies (the bodacious Tanya showing off all her curves in a black halter top and an itsy bitsy leopard print thong, and Amber in a yellow bikini top with cute little matching shorts) catch him in the act, they decide to teach peter the meaning of respect. They hurl insults that would make even the most salty seaman shudder. "Cocksucker! Bitch boy! Like to sniff panties? I haven't washed THESE in a week," coos Tanya as she shoves a crusty pair into his mouth. Taking a pair of red panties, Amber stuffs them into his mouth as well, while Tanya holds them in place with her hand. They completely block his airway -- to the point where he passes out! Soon, he comes round again. Under interrogation, he reveals that he has been lying to his friends - telling them that he has been sleeping with these beautiful babes. Such an affront deserves REAL torture. Amber pulls her top aside to bare her lovely breasts, as both girls inflict hand over mouth smothering. While he gasps for breath, Tanya uses her tits to deprive him of air. They inflict ass suffocation, tit smothering, two-girl facesitting, and choking. Amber uses her toes to pinch his nose while Tanya covers his mouth. While Amber sits on his face, he starts to squirm. This man does not know his place! As Tanya bounces on his face, she announces: "One thing I can guarantee is that his man doesn't know how to lick a pussy.