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A Stroke of Punishment - (Full Movie)

A Stroke of Punishment - (Full Movie)

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Who needs a plot? Not us. We call this video "Stroke of Punishment", but it's really a stroke of genius. Ultimate torture and abuse is in your face from the very start, as our lovely ladies, Sabrina and Kiss, use tramplee as a spring board. The grunts and groans that emit from this pathetic slave are truly music to fetishly-tuned ears. Clad in a black satin corset and red hot pants (and pretty french manicure for her fingernails AND toes!), Kiss stands right on tramplee's neck. You'll love the black fishnet and thong ensemble that Sabrina (be sure to watch for her pierced nipple and belly button!) wears. Using her bare breasts, this paragon of cleavage deprives tramplee of all air. They jump of a platform and land square on his chest. A close-up reveals the veins bulging in tramplee's forehead. And that's not the only thing bulging. These bitches are HOT! They are the Mistresses of Pain for Their Gain. Every time they jump on his chest, tramplee lets out this pathetic grunt that lets you know just how much this hurts! They love to use him as a trampoline. And get this! They stomp tramplee's nose FLAT as Sabrina stands on his face. Oh see that fishnet-clad foot against the red mass of mush that is now tramplee's pulverized face! There's hot girl-on-girl action as Kiss sits on tramplee's face while Sabrina sits on her lap! They laugh at tramplee's predicament. And is he hurting? Oh, you bet! When they jump on his chest, the man actually barks like a seal, just begging for more and more. When they jump on his chest, they actually leave white footprints on his chest.