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A Simple Smother - (Full Movie)

A Simple Smother - (Full Movie)

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Witchy bitch Nicolette (a girl so hard core she sleeps in latex fetish gear!) wakes up with her arms around her bed-mate - who has spent the entire night bound wrist and foot to her bedposts. There's nothing she likes better than to administer an early morning wake up smother. "You didn't shave!" she berates him. "But Mistress," he explains, "I was tied up...I just woke up..." "Not a good enough excuse!" Nicolette replies, as she plops her ass sharply onto his mug. He is SO way he can fight back, as she slaps him, twists his nipples, and crushes his skull between her thighs. But perhaps the most outlandish and awe-inspiring aspects of this film involve HOM (Hand Over Mouth) work. This stuff is very real, very sensual, very dangerous, and it goes on a long, long time. She then takes off her shoes and slowwwwly dips her black-stocking-clad toesies into his mouth. When he accidentally snags her stockings, she foot-slaps his face. If you're a fan of ass-suffocation, you'll really want to see Nicolette's approach to butt smother-tude. And check out that cool gag she shoves between his teeth - rendering him docile for foot-on-face smother action. After loosening his bonds, Nicolette reverse his position for some of the nastiest pussy-chokitude ever committed to video. His skull practically cracks in two when subjected to the pressure of her strong thighs, as her hands clamp his nose and mouth shut. Irving Berlin once said he hated to get up in the morning - but he never had to face a dawn of neck-wringing strangulation torment like this.