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Backdraft - (Full Movie)

Backdraft - (Full Movie)

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The fire inspector has been checking out Nicole's spacious pad. He insists that she will have to leave the premises for a few days while he fixes the exposed wiring. She tries to seduce him into bending the rules but he refuses to budge. (What is he, gay?) So she tries another tactic: Knocking the bastard to the ground and smothering the life out him! "I heard firemen can hold their breath for a really6 really long time," she says. "Is that true?" After a long bout of HOM (hand over mouth) and hands-around-neck strangulation, he nearly passes out. Awakening with a sputter and a gag, he finds himself nosing his way into Nicole's twat. This is NAKED facesitting at its best! "I just came form the gym," she explains, "so my pussy may be a little sweaty." You'll see her labia lips wrap around his nostrils in agonizing detail. He tries to escape, but her thighs wrap tightly around his head. "I cant breathe!" he gasps. Removing her top, she subjects him to some of the nicest breast suffocation EVER captured on video (and we kid you not!). "Stick your nose up there!" she coos as she plops her arse atop his noggin. "Is it stinky?" she asks. "Stick your fucking tongue up there and clean my fucking intestines!" she charmingly orders. "Lick it! Clean it! DO it!" And so he does - in gruesome detail! Turning around, she spits in his mouth after forcing him to stick out his tongue. This is followed by nasty HOM-work that practically causes this poor slob to hyperventilate. "Lick my pussy! Stick your tongue in that dirty hole!" she spits.