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Pussies Galore - (Full Movie)

Pussies Galore - (Full Movie)

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Shay Sights has a bone to pick with her roommate April. Seems the blonde cutie has been using Shay's computer without permission - moreover, April has a strange predilection for visiting a web site called "" The boisterous bitch has even used Shay's credit card to buy some videos. Well, you like pervy stuff, girlfriend? She's going to get a faceful - literally. This video displays some of the nastiest, nicest girl/girl facesitting ever captured. Not to mention the hand-over-mouth smother torture. Just look at the way April struggles! Look at the way her luscious breasts heave when her gorgeous attacker finally allows her a few precious mouthfuls of air. This is for real, folks! "You like this sort of thing," Shay says, "otherwise you wouldn't be on those web sites. Isn't the point supposed to be making you pass out?" You'll love those close-up views of April's face as Shay slams her twat (clad in green) directly into her mouth and nose, sending her victim into a dreamy la-la land as she lays there for nearly a minute, bereft of air. Shay is famous for her gigantic tits, which she uses to send her lovely captive into an air-free wonderland. And check out that butt-smothering - outstanding! Talk about dancing cheek to cheek… But cheeks have a habit of turning: April climbs on top of the situation to demonstrate that she too has a talent for twat-chokitude and butt smothering. Whoever said April is the cruelest didn't know the half of it! Ya gotta love the way Shay's nose becomes completely enveloped by April's pretty pink underwear.