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Always Bet on Blonde - (Full Movie)

Always Bet on Blonde - (Full Movie)

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Lady Natasha comes home to find out that her slave has been gambling again and all of the furniture is gone!! She is stressed and angry…dressed in a black vinyl crop top, tight black girdle, fingerless PVC gloves and black spiked heels. She smokes a cigarette as she verbally degrades him and tells him how she is going to punish him. After she changes into a black long sleeve leotard, it's time for some action… knees to the neck, scissorholds, smothering facesitting, face-slapping, high heel trampling, hair pulling, kicking ass worship and lots more smoking. She sits on his crotch and makes him suck her spiked heels and sits on his face until he begs for air…all of the time, flicking her ashes on him…in a couple of instances, she actually jumps up and down while standing on him. More facesitting as she enjoys her third cigarette and uses his hand as an ashtry. Since there is no furniture in the house, she uses her slave as furniture (hmmm…her furniture must have been pretty dinged up with this kind of treatment!). She finds a chair from somewhere in the house and sits on it (cigarette #4) as she makes her slave come over and worship her high heels (great close-up shots of this). More and more barefoot trampling as she jumps and walks on his chest doing little ballet moves and sometimes falling down hard with her knee into his chest. This is interspersed with more facesitting, hair pulling and leg scissors.