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2 Girls 2 Furious - (Full Movie)

2 Girls 2 Furious - (Full Movie)

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Two gorgeous roommates (Jewell and Zana) have a staff handyman (Alix) - and a lot of complaints. He didn't fix the garage door, he didn't change a light bulb in the kitchen, the toilet's clogged. Worst of all, he's secretly been sniffing their panties. DAMN HIM! There's nothing for it: They toss him to the ground and humiliate him verbally (in scorching language) while subjecting him to some genuinely harsh high heel stomp activity. Both girls climb on, full weight, and they do not hold back. "How do you like our high heels digging into your flesh?" snarls Jewell while Zana smashes his face and makes him swallow her heels. Wow! You'll see those dagger-like heels slam directly into this poor slob's abs! Zana's a tall girl (in a hot black pvc mini!), so when her heels dig into his collar bone, you know it's gotta be painful. Jewell digs her "sharp stiletto heels" right into his throat. "Completely pathetically worthless!" Jewell screams. "Lick my shoe! Clean it!" she orders. Just look at the way his tongue wraps around her soles. Jewell stands on his thighs while Zana sits on him. Man, this high hell pounding at its most terrifying, and I ain't kidding! Zana smothers him with her twat while Jewell kicks him repeatedly. "No air for you!" Jewell screams…then she skewers his adams apple with her shoe heel. Barefoot now, the girls trample him even more aggressively than before. Just look at the way Jewell smashes his face FLAT! "We are going to lay it into your fucking SOUL!" She yells. "Stick out your tongue, and clean my foot! You are our doormat from now on."