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Bitches of Brutality - (Full Movie)

Bitches of Brutality - (Full Movie)

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Don't you just hate inconsiderate drivers like chris tool? He parked his car on the street, blocking a driveway. Unfortunately (for him!), the inconvenienced parties in this case are a couple of nasty-ass Femme-Dommes: Star Chandler and Channone. You already know Star: She's one of the meanest Mistresses in fetish video history. Newcomer Channone is a French cutie with a soft, musical accent and delectable titties hanging out from the bottom of her skimpy top. Chris would love to get his hands on them, but the girls have other plans for this dolt: TWO GIRL TRAMPLE ACTION. Channone does him with bare feet - right in his face! - while Star wears wicked high heels that poke right into his stomach muscles. The French cutie loves to shove her PVC clad twat right into chris' face, robbing him of any possibility of air. (Just look at the way his head changes color!) Then she ass-chokes nearly into the next world. Meantime, Star digs her heels into his navel. Then she switches position for some truly awe-inspiring hand-over-mouth suffocation - YIKES! One hand keeps his mouth shut while the other clamps his nostrils - there is no escape. Channone's approach to breast-suffocation will charm you to death...literally. Then she hops repeatedly atop his torso while Star crunches his skull between her powerful thighs. Chris struggles to get away, but he's no match for Star's might! The girls even use their TOES to clasp his nostrils shut and inflict gruesome choke torture. Leg scissors, tummy trampling, suffocation fun - this one has it all.