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Smokin Nude Facesitting - (Full Movie)

Smokin Nude Facesitting - (Full Movie)

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Anastasia Blue, our newest, meanest mistress, pays all the bills in her household. Unfortunately, her shiftless boyfriend clint has just run up a $400 phone bill. Seems the SOB likes to call 900 numbers. She slaps him hard (and KEEPS slapping him throughout the movie), then she tosses him to ground, and SPITS on him. But that's just the beginning. She LOVES ass smothering: "Suffocate! You like that, don't you? I hope it smells like nasty fucking shit! Eat it! EAT MY ASS! Wash it with your tongue, you little bitch!" She really wants him to chow down on brown - and like it! After stripping nude, she forces him to wash her dirty underwear with his tongue. But that's just the beginning: The NUDE FACESITTING is the harshest, most degrading we've ever seen. There's punching, hitting, hair-pulling choking, breast-suffocation, and LOTS more gooey looghie - she even uses her hands and shoes to rub it into his face. Anastasia is a smoker, and she loves to blow her ciggy smoke right into his mouth - where it mixes with her spittle. The slaps, nude twat-suffocation, nipple-pulling, choking, and trampling just get worse and worse. If you are looking for fast pace, a wide variety of creative action, lots of nude facesitting, smoking, sickeningly thick looghie action, and NON-STOP verbal humiliation, check this one out.