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Smother Sport - (Full Movie)

Smother Sport - (Full Movie)

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The stunning Stacey Burke and her leather-clad friend Mallory are a couple of pro Fem-Dommes who have decided to give their paying victim, Chris Tool, one final torture session. They plan to be especially brutal this time around. So they keep his head encased in their own portable smother box, face up. The delectable Stacey, wearing a leather skirt, plops her ass right on his face - and you won't believe how long this guy is forced to hold his breath. And her breast smothering is even more stunning. (We here at Smothered Video just love Stacey's natural mams, and you will too.) Mallory also looks stunning in her spike collar and black shift. Her crotch-suffocation is extraordinary. She also likes to poke her high heels into his tummy - a sizzling combo of breath-play and high-heel trampling. There's hand-over-mouth suffocation ("He's flat-lining!"), body-slapping, nipple torture, and yet more breast-suffocation. The girls even use their long fingernails to inflict deep SCRATCHES in his body - they even play tic-tac-toe on his chest! The highlight: Stacey uses her trained toes to clamp his nose. Well, shut my mouth!