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Dukes of Smother - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

Dukes of Smother - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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We really like Mistress Tommi Rose: She's gorgeous, has a tight body, and she's homicidal. As we open, she is furious at her boyfriend: Seems this idiot (peter) forgot her birthday. "You have me very upset," she explains. "How would you like my ass in your face?" Now Tommi has a TERRIFIC ass, lemme tell ya. Any true smotheration aficionado will love the site of peter's nose disappearing between her cheeks. And she applies an expert "touch" to foot-in-face suffocation. "Stop squirming!" she snarls. "I am NOT happy. Take a deep breath, because I am not going to let up for a LONG time." Her approach to blue-denim covered crotch suffocation is the stuff dreams (or nightmares) are made of. The highlight of the show may be her careful, yet cruel, approach to HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation. She clamps his mouth shut and firmly pinches his nostril…and she just does not let up! Imagine being in poor peter's place… There's lots more foot-in face action, as she strips off that denim and subjects him to FULL NUDE snatch choking. Those labia wrap around his nostrils, blocking all oxygen. Her fingers dig into his ribcage, her feet slam into his face, his face gets slapped a bit, and the HOM sessions last longer and longer - you'll hear truly agonized gasps. She plants her ass on his face sidesaddle and sits there for a long, long time. Is there naked breast suffocation? Oh yeah - she gives it to him good! "Don't touch me or I'll really give it to you!" she orders as she inflicts truly murderous butt-brutality. Watch out…Tommi's gonna getcha!