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Erotic Smother - (Full Movie)

Erotic Smother - (Full Movie)

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Dressed in squeaky black fetish-wear that shows off all her awesome curves, she props his head atop a tall chair and subjects him to a brutal round of long, luxurious HOM (hand over mouth) suffocation. This lasts a long, long time - her gloved hands never lose their grip on his mouth and nostrils. Then she plants her ass atop his noggin as he writhes helplessly. The make of this chair allows her to press into his breathing apparatus full force. Her butt writhes back and forth - there is just NO escape. Tossing away her restrictive leather top, she pummels her with a further display of latex-covered twat power, then forces him to the floor. There, she tweaks his nipples and rakes her claws across his bare stomach while facesitting him mercilessly, then stomps across his face full weight, covering his mouth and nose with her bare feet. Fully naked, she wraps his face with her thighs and pushes her dripping cunt as forcefully as she can against his nose and mouth. Toward the end, in a novel twist, she wraps him in carpet so that only his head sticks out. Now he is truly incapable of combating her love of suffocation torture. Upon his release, she forces him to sit against the brick wall and backs that round butt right in there. Mm, that's good eatin'! Especially when she turns around and subjects him to power twattage and breast chokitude.