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Evil Angels - (Full Movie)

Evil Angels - (Full Movie)

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Mallory and Tori Tease are the hottest room-mates in Hollywood; they love to lounge around in fetishy lingerie. But they have a problem: They have had to go a whole week without TV! Seems a doltish TV repairman named tristan has had the set for all that time…and the damn thing STILL ain't giving 'em Springer. "What kind of name is 'tristan,' anyways?" Tori snarls. (Guess she doesn't care for Wagner.) The force him to make up for his failing by sucking their tender toes….mmm, and that's a PUNISHMENT? The girls decide to up the ante by trampling him face beneath their platform shoes. Tori like to slap slap slap his body while encouraging her roomie to kick him in the face. The girls walk all over his body, then face-sit him nearly into oblivion. The hand-over-mouth suffocation is very nifty, while the face-slapping is utterly callous. Mallory loves to stomp a crotch. Tori's slow, sensual nude breast-smothering puts her victim into an alternate dimension, and Mallory even slaps his face silly with her feet, rendering him susceptible to lingering butt-chokitude. Mallory even LEAPS onto his torso while Tori keeps his head in a thigh-lock - which segues into NASTY naked beaver suffocation. These bad girls put the boobs back in the boob tube!