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Domination Y2K - (Full Movie)

Domination Y2K - (Full Movie)

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You may have survived all the other terrors prophesied for the turn of the millennium - but there is one horror no-one can escape: The beauteous, beastly Empress Tsarina, here seen in luxurious black tresses. She has decided to celebrate the new century by having all her shoes spit-shined by slave doc, who specializes in fellating high heels and licking grime off soles. Once the shoes are clean, they are fit for their preferred use: Kicking slave doc's tender stomach - not to mention his much-abused peenie. These scenes are almost impossible to watch - her heels punch right into his sacs. YOWTCH! Talk about c/b torture! Then she uses her powerful legs to crush his neck and skull. Yep, Tsarina is really in a dangerous mood tonight! Just watch the way she tramples him, her shoes spiking his abs, his navel, and his nipples, while the head of his weenus goes SQUISH beneath her full weight. She tries to yank his equipment off, using her leather-gloved hands - she even SPANKS the damned thing. All the while, she keeps her ass planted on his face, cutting off all his breath. Then she spanks his butt (HARD), as though he were a disobedient toddler - after all, what's a hairbrush for? Then she flogs him mercilessly, rides him like a horse while slapping his ass, whips his rear ever-more mercilessly, flogs his crotch raw, kicks his balls, stomps his crotch (full-weight), more ass-suffocation. Doc pops a boner. Tsarina wants to pop HIM. Yep, this millennium's going to be even WORSE than you feared.