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Full Weight Facesitting - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

Full Weight Facesitting - (FULL MOVIE / HD FORMATTED)

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You rarely see production values like this in a fetish video. IBN actually rented a forklift! Why? Because two of our meanest (and most attractive) Mistresses - Mercedes Asheley and Goldie - want to use it to torture bob. Seems he has damaged the girls' car. So they truss him up in duct tape, then crush him beneath the tines of the forklift - you can see the metal press into his chest dangerously. Goldie sits on his face while Mercedes slowly digs her high-heel boots into his groin. "What are you trying to do…kill me?" bob asks pathetically. Yup! The girls climb onto the lift, adding their own weight. Believe me, this tactic really HURTS - his ribcage nearly gets crushed! Goldie varies the action by burying his face beneath her leather miniskirt. Those screams and gasps indicate true agony, folks! The facesitting is long and slow - both brutal and sensuous. "Get your vagina off my face!" bob screams helplessly. They slap his face on those rare occasions when they let him up for air. Goldie tweaks his nose, then buries him beneath the most mountainous tits ever to smother a subby-boy. (Goldie's chestage looks huger than ever before. Did she have work done? I honestly don't know - but if she did, it's an amazing job; she looks completely natural.) Check out the double-bitch facesitting - full weight, two girls! In the end, the girls start up the forklift - you'll the machinery whir as the metal crushes down on his exposed and vulnerable chest. Meanwhile, Mercedes uses her hands to crush his groin and her twat to choke him.