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Smother Knows Best - (Full Movie)

Smother Knows Best - (Full Movie)

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Chris is supposed to be a slave to his lovely mistresses, busty Brittany Andrews and French Miss Virginie. But he's been a lazy bitch, watching game shows instead of doing his chores. "On the counter, NOW!" Brittany orders. Once he is properly splayed out, Brittany plops her twat on his mug, until Virignie decides to take over. "Sit on that face!" Brittany encourages. "Just smother him! I really like it when they can't breathe at all. Just suffocate him!" Meanwhile, Brittany steps on his torso. "His face makes such a nice chair!" Brittany notes. "Baaad boy…he must be punished." Brittany likes to slap his face after using her bare twat lips to cover his nose. "After this we are going to CHAIN him to the sink," the girls decide. GREAT shots of vinyl-clad crotch smothering in this epic - not to mention the nipple tweaking, nonstop verbal humiliation. "Don't try to get any air, you disobedient slave-boy!" Then she removes her clothes - everything except her clit ring. Dragging him into the living room, the girls toss off their tops and dig in for some stunning BREAST SMOTHERING, which is a Brittany specialty. GREAT butt-suffocation shots too! But the big news here is: FULL NUDE FACESITTING GALORE, up close and pink!