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Struggle For Breath - (Full Movie)

Struggle For Breath - (Full Movie)

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Mortsac is an artist who specializes in raunchy fetish-oriented work. (No, he's not the extremely talented guy who does those cool, realistic illos for the web site.) The gorgeous Dominatrix Mistress Jinx (wearing thigh-high latex boots over cool fishnets) commissions him to produce his finest work - and so he does. But there's one problem: He insists on depicting women in bondage, while she is firmly of the opinion that proper BDSM places the male in the victim's chair. When he dares to express disagreement, Jinx "instructs" the artist the best way she knows: Reducing him to jelly through torture and torment. "Anything to make the customer happy!" he says, not knowing just what it is that fetches a smile from such a cruel Mistress. When she plants that delectable ass onto his face and robs him of air, you'll agree: THIS is art. And just look at the masterful way she inflicts hand-over-mouth suffocation and face-forward twat-choking. "Hold still and listen to me!" she commands as she pokes her sharp fingernail into his bare torso, then slaps his face HARD. At her command, he slowly removes her boots then forces his face into her crotch while raking her fingernails across his back. Then she chokes him between her impressive boobs while running her fingers through his hair. After choking him in a figure-four, she shoves her stocking-clad feet into his face, forcing him to get a long, long whiff. His face disappears beneath her ass. She crushes his head between her thighs as she pinches his nose and mouth shut. And check out the way she wraps those feet tightly around his neck.