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Mission To Her Anus - (Full Movie)

Mission To Her Anus - (Full Movie)

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After a hard day of playing the stock market, the Ultra-Mistress TSARINA - the only femme-domme who frightens even me - spends her evening relaxing atop her slave doc. He has passed into a coma, but she STILL subjects him to face-smashing frenzy. "Afterward, I want him to recite all the various smells from the various meals I have had." She orders her slave: "Breathe in deeper! Knead my butt-muscle with your mouth! Suck on that cheek, slave!" This is the harshest, slowest, nastiest, most worshipful face-sitting you've ever seen. "Keep sucking that right cheek, slut" she commands while she rotates her ass on his face - her FULL WEIGHT is focused on that facesitting connection. Then she reverses position, forces a plastic bag over doc's head, and inflicts truly gnarly twat-suffocation. "I'll be ending his life soon," she informs the camera. "He must be having sweet dreams, on the verge of death..." What deliciously delirious ass-nuzzling torment - he eats her exquisitely. "Now my left cheek, slut. Just massage it with your lips. I don't care if you're tired, little pansy-boy. I want to feel that tongue." Then...THEN she forces him to LICK HER ARMPITS clean! This scene is slow, humiliating, sexy yet agonizing to watch. She truly does possess complete control over this slave, and the camera does not miss a single detail. Then she lays him down, covers his mouth with one hand while punching his nostrils shut with the other. We've seen hand-over-mouth work before, but never has a session lasted quite so long. She's in dangerous territory, and she loves it.