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Real Roommate Trample - (Full Movie)

Real Roommate Trample - (Full Movie)

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These girls really are roommates!! Fans of serious girl-on-girl action - we made this one with YOU in mind. Randi, Chandler and Candy Apples are three awesome roommates who love to lounge around in black fetish wear. Trouble is, Candy likes to leave her things all over the place, including her roommates' rooms. Talking to her does no good; she continues to be a slob. It's clobberin' time! Or make that STOMPIN' time. Candy takes the weight of TWO girls (not small 'uns) as they walk all over her - wearing MEAN boots and even meaner high-heel shoes. They slap her ass hard, choke her face between their thighs, facesit-smother her, bounce on her bod, pillow-smother her, beat her, apply vigorous hand-over-mouth suffocation (you've GOT to hear those choked screams!), inflict TICKLE TORTURE on her, spank her pussy, squeeze her throat, and verbally abuse her. But most of all, this film is about TRAMPLING. They even do a double-girl trample all over the tender FRONT of her body…and trust us, those groans of pain are VERY real. And then they boot-stomp her face! Time for stocking-clad stompin' and barefoot foot action. Oh man…when they force her to LICK those feet, the results are strange and sensual. This video proves that Candy is dandy, but Chandler can handle 'er.