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Clitter - (Full Movie)

Clitter - (Full Movie)

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Amber Michaels is a gorgeous, ultra-stacked boat owner trying to fix her craft. Her live-in girlfriend/sister Carolyn Monroe keeps sassing her, yet refuses to help. How to train her? The obvious answer is BREAST SMOTHERING! That's right - topless Amber (what a pair!) uses her lethal weapons to rob Carolyn of all possible air. "I'm crazy, I'm PMS-ing, and I've had it up to here," Amber explains as she shovels nipple into her sister's mouth. Carolyn writhes and kicks her legs, but ther is no escape - Amber is just too powerful! The facesitting action is brutal. "I've had it up to her with your complaining and bitching," Amber screams as she covers her victim's mouth and nose, and practically snaps her neck. As the two girls bicker over their lives, shouting accusations back and forth about who is fucking who in the family (it's an amazing soap opera!) the girl-girl battle grows over more intense. Hmmm…maybe Carolyn actually LIKES having her sister's pussy rammed into her mouth! And talk about ass-suffocation. Yet despite having her mouth forced into her lover's bunghole, Carolyn still continues to talk shit. So the assault continues: Running, chasing, tossing, wrestling, pinning to the floor, choking, suffocating, body slamming, writhing, hair pulling…and lots and lots of SMOTHERING. Amber robs her of air every which way she can! Finally, Carolyn strikes back, giving Amber a taste of her own titty-suffocation medicine.