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Trample Ballet - (Full Movie)

Trample Ballet - (Full Movie)

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Famous and beautiful Mistress Tori Sinclair has never looked more fabulous then she does in this TIGHT black-and-white fetish corset, beautiful stockings - and pretty pink ballet shoes. The plot is simple. Tori has to practice her steps, and she decides to do her steps on her slave: tristin, a lowly pseudo-man who here finds is true calling as a human carpet. She pounces on him, stands on him, trounces him, jumps on him - and then SHOVES those shoes WAY into his mouth. "My, you have a big mouth!" You won't believe how deep it goes. She stands "en pointe" right on top of his chest and tummy - and eventually, his crotch! Switching over to black high heel shoes, Tori takes the trample action into high girl, digging her heels into his neck, and foot-punching all the air from his lungs. That's not all: Fans of barefoot trampling will love the way Tori crushes his body beneath her unclad pedal extremities. Jump, jump, stomp stomp, bounce bounce - she even stands FULL WEIGHT, BAREFOOT on his FACE! "Suck my toes," she commands. Naturally, Tori's menu of mayhem also includes facesitting, slapping, nipple-tweaking, foot worship, hand-over-mouth suffocation, twat-suffocation, c/b grabbing and twisting. As one of our fans put it: "I like your videos because they're so real - it's like you're right there in the room with them." That observation goes DOUBLE for this trample epic.