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Kickin Ass - (Full Movie)

Kickin Ass - (Full Movie)

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Mistress Katt comes home to find her euro-trash gardener going through her house as if he was going to steal something. Immediate discipline is required and applied. This has got to be the best combination of kicking, punching, stomping, trampling, squeezing and constant verbal abuse we have ever produced. The trampling is very intense and constant. Even though her little boots have small heels, she gets the most out of them. The punching, kicking and stomping is very real and intense. The verbal humiliation is constant and perfectly executed…this girl is either a tremendously talented actress or an absolutely crazy bitch that just escaped from some asylum somewhere. The wrestling moves are fabulous as she squeezes him with her pythonic pillars of passionate persuasion and then twists his body around like a balloon animal. She is built like a rock of strength and yet doesn’t lose her femininity as she looks quite sexy in her tight black mini-dress, black nylons and cute little boots. The most amazing thing about this video is the natural style of the Mistress being able to dish out one of the most brutal videos we have ever produced and she makes the whole thing out to seem like it is a big party for her. The scene where he is laying on the couch and she keeps thrusting her body high in the air and then slams down on the poor slave with all of her weight…all while telling jokes. She goes from little baby voices to exorcist impressions while dishing out great pain and every now and then letting out a large belch. Mistress Katt is the Howard Stern of Mistresses with her no-nonsense queen of mean attitude.