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Sewer Stomp - (Full Movie)

Sewer Stomp - (Full Movie)

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Ah, the glory, the grandeur, the visual poetry that is…SEWER STOMP! Ultra gorgeous babes Jordan Scott and Crystal discover bumble-headed bob spraying graffiti on their father's property - actually, on a sewer wall. (The echo-chamber location gives this film a particularly eerie quality) At gunpoint, they force him to hug the filthy ground while the girls remove their shoes and make him suck toe and lick heel. "Lick in between my toes!" orders Jordan. They slap his face, stomp his chest, pounce on his head, and subject him to vicious hand-over-mouth suffocation. The pussy smothering is HARSH and NASTY. Jordan stands full weight on his face in her BARE FEET! Crystal stands on his thighs while Jordan inflicts some bad pussy-pummeling. With a gun to his head, he can't turn away as they slap him silly. They strip down (outdoors!), shoving their dirty clothes in his mouth - man, these girls look niiiiice. "She's killing me with her tits!" Bob howls. The nekkid facesitting and the hand-over-mouth work are even more spectacular. Two-girl full-nude trampling and facesitting! "Do you want dirt in your mouth?" the girls ask as they trample his head right into the concrete. "Get off!" groans bob pathetically as they try to break his ribs with their feet. They grab him by the hair and force him to lick their assholes. These nude bitches are the queens of the sewer!