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Alix, that born submissive, is the plaything of the notorious Mistress, Star Chandler. As we open, he has been securely wrapped up in duct tape, with a pantyhose hood over his head. Star, wearing pantyhose herself, figures that a trussed up boy toy would make a perfect victim for her specialty: Facesitting smotheration. If you are a fan of faceistting - if you have always longed to have a gorgeous, sadistic lass hold her twat over your nose and mouth for a long, long time, until you were nearly ready to join the choir invisible - then this is the video for you. His face disappears between her butt cheeks. No WAY he's going to get even a dollop of air. Can he hold out for one minute? Two? More…? Star keeps upping the ante! She interrupts her work to lock his head in a vicious, inescapable scissors hold. "That's a good slave!" she coos. The reverse facesitting is particularly nice - she grinds her cuntage into his nose, while locking his skull between her thighs. (And check out those red shoes!) "You're getting cocky again," Star warns. "Here's one sure way to cure that…with a lack of oxygen to the brain."