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Roommate Trouble 2 - (Full Movie)

Roommate Trouble 2 - (Full Movie)

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Here's another exciting episode in this groundbreaking (or at least BONE-breaking) fem-on-fem series. Busty Brittany and cute Kaitlynn are roommates. One morning, Brittany returns home to a shock: The furniture, the stereo…EVERYTHING is gone. Apparently Kaitlynn got slipped a "roofie" while bar-hopping the night before, and her pick-up ripped her off royally. Is Brit pissed? You bet - especially when the still-groggy Kaitlynn starts laughing at the predicament. "I don't even want to see your fucking face!" snaps Brittany, as she buries it within her world-famous breastage. But that's just the beginning, because Brittany has a lot of aggro to work out. It's tramplin' time, girlfriend…right on Katey's bare midriff. Barefoot girl-girl trample action galore - Brittany even uses her feet to drum her victim's face. But there's more fun in store…as in full out pussy-smothering. Kaitlynn has no choice but to lie back and suffer as Brittany plants her lovely bare feet directly on her face. But Brit "kneeds" to do more - which means SMASHING that bitch's ribs with her knees, HARD, over and over! You'll see figure-four choke-holds and hand-around-neck choking. "I'm going to fucking kill you! You're pathetic!" The butt smothering is to die for. (And crush-able Kate almost does just that!) You'll see sensual foot-worship, eye-popping boob-suffocation, wrestling holds, full-weight JUMPING on K's belly, kewl equestrian domination, harsher kicking than in a soccer game…and, of course, tons of TRAMPLING!!!