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The Trample Menace - (Full Movie)

The Trample Menace - (Full Movie)

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Lovely French Miss has asked a dorky computer guy to put together her new system. But she could not have chosen a worse nerd than tristin - he doesn't even know what a hard drive is! "I'm going to teach you!" She screams. "I trusted you! You told me you were certified!" So she takes him to class. First lesson: TRAMPLING! Virginie is one of the most terrifying barefoot stomp artists in fetish history. We're talking hard kicks to the rib, not to mention those smashes right into his vulnerable face. She even stomps on his crotch. Not that there's too much to stomp there: "Your pants are empty like your head!" As she tries to crush his skull, she purrs "I want you to suffer. You are NOTHING! I HATE you!" Great toe sucking action here - we are talking DEEP deep throat. She tries to soothe her nerves by smothering his face beneath her butt. The breast smothering is particularly vicious. Just wait until you see her JUMP on him! Those marks on his chest show up nice and red, especially when she leaps on his ribs (barefoot) from atop a chair. Lots MORE BAREFOOT ON FACE action is followed by ass smotheration, torso-punches, crotch-smothering…and in the end, she ties him up and forces him to read a Computer book for dummies. This is an AMAZING flick - and best of all, there's NO Jar-Jar!