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HOM Heaven - (Full Movie)

HOM Heaven - (Full Movie)

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You know what H.O.M. stands for: Hand Over Mouth smothering. And you can guess who is supplying the heaven in this epic: Taylor St. Clair. For those of you who have any doubt that Princess Taylor is the most beautiful woman in the world, just check out the opening of this film. What a YUMMY black leather fetish costume, lovingly accentuating those astounding curves. When you see her, your eyes will literally pop out of their sockets and spray yellow goo all over your monitor. OK, here's the plot: Slave tristin has had the temerity to call Taylor a cheap slut. So now she is going to smother him to death. I know, I know…it sounds like a complex story line. But trust me: You'll have no trouble following it. Although tristin will have trouble surviving this horrifying assault! Not only does he undergo tons of hand-over-mouth suffocation, he is subjected to bondage, a plastic bag wrapped over his head, chokeholds, nude breast smothering, a ball gag strapped into his mouth, saran wrap, ass-whipping, yet MORE saran wrap, PUSSY SMOTHERING (!!!!), leg-choking, face-slapping, equestrian play, butt-suffocation - and lots MORE gloved-hand-over-mouth airless action. This video features fast action and an astonishing variety of suffocation methods. And when you see how gorgeous Taylor looks while she inflicts all this breath-taking torture, you'll ask: "How much did that tristin guy have to pay to appear in this video?" Take HOMe a piece of heaven!