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A Facesitters Delight - (Full Movie)

A Facesitters Delight - (Full Movie)

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These lovely young lasses find themselves related to slave bart, due to their parent's remarriage. Bart tries to get "friendly" with his new relations, but they "incest" that he desist. When they find out that he had jerked off n their rooms, they decide to batter the butthead, as he deserves. These giggly girls may look young and innocent, but they love to twist nips, yanks hairs of his body, slap his head, bounce on his torso, force him to tongue-bathe their dirty toes…and, of course, force him to burrow his nose into their butt-cracks. They want him to turn blue, and they damn near succeed. Then it's time for Electra to dig in for some forward face-sitting ("Does it feel good in there?"), while Lolita smashes her white-sock-clad feet into his abdomen. When he pops a boner ("Ewww! Grosssss!"), they punish him with clothespins attached to his nipples. Then they blindfold him and attach a plastic dick to his forehead (now THAT's a way to make facesitting fun…) while Electra slaps his weenie with a wooden spoon. Of course, it wouldn't be a Trampled Video without some excellent barefoot trample action. But there's also GREAT breast-smothering (Electra has nice 'uns, and they're natural!), brutal bondage, face slapping, foot-worship, nose-pinching, hand-smothering, choking, lots of slow and sensual facesitting, creative clothespin torture ("Give me your tongue!"), hair-pulling, and terrific panty-clad facesitting action. This one's for fans of toys, torture, and twin temptresses.